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Wendel's Poultry and Wendel's Poultry Products

Poultry prices may change weekly,

Please call 716-592-2299 for pricing or to Order!


Wendel’s Poultry Products

Prices vary weekly, please call for pricing ~ 716-592-2299

Whole Roasters
Whole Roaster Chickens
Whole Broilers
Whole Broiler Chickens
Chicken Thighs
Chicken Thighs – Pre-packaged
Chicken Giblets
Pre-packaged – 1lb packages
8-Piece Roaster
8-Piece Roaster Chicken
8-Piece Broilers
8 – Piece Broiler Chickens
Chicken & Turkey Pot Pies

Pot Pies made with fresh poultry from Wendel’s, vegetables, gravy and homemade dough! Turkey Pot Pies Unavailable until December


Rock Cornish Game Hen
Small Hen ranging in size from 1-3lbs
Chicken Drum Sticks
Chicken Drum Sticks
Split Chicken Breasts
Split Chicken Breasts – Trimmed, Bone-In
Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts
Split Boneless Chicken Breasts – Trimmed
Whole Turkeys, Breasts, Thighs, and Drums

We also carry a complete line of commercially raised poultry products.

Wendel's Poultry Farm

12466 Vaughn St
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