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Wendel's Poultry and Wendel's Poultry Products

Poultry prices may change weekly,

Please call 716-592-2299 for pricing or to Order!


Wendel’s Poultry Products

Prices vary weekly, please call for pricing ~ 716-592-2299

Whole Roasters

Whole Roaster Chickens

(Approx. 4-6 lbs)

Includes full set of Giblets

Whole Broilers

Whole Broiler Chickens

(Approx. 2.5-3.5 lbs.)

Includes full set of Giblets

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs 

Packaged 4 per pack

Chicken Giblets

Pint Containers of

Livers, Gizzards & Hearts

1-2 lb. packages of Necks 

8-Piece Roaster

Roasting Chicken (4-6lb) Cut into 8 Pieces

Each package contains 2 Breast, 2 Thighs, 2 Drums & 2 Wings

Includes full set of Giblets

8-Piece Broilers

Broiler Chicken (2.5-3.5lb) Cut into 8 Pieces

Each pack contains 2 Breasts, 2 Thighs, 2 Drums, 2 Wings

Includes full set of Giblets

Chicken & Turkey Pot Pies

Pot Pies made with fresh poultry from Wendel’s, vegetables, gravy and homemade dough! 

Chicken Pot Pie $8.00 Turkey Pot Pie $8.50


Rock Cornish Game Hen

Small Hen ranging in size from 1-3lbs

Please call for Availability

Includes full set of Giblets

Chicken DrumSticks

Packaged 6 per pack

Split Chicken Breasts

Split Chicken Breasts – Skin On, Bone-In

Packaged 2 pieces per pack


Whole Turkeys, Breasts, Thighs, and Drums

Frozen Available Year-Round, Call for Availablity!


Available by the pound, we ask for 5-7 days notice for orders over 20 lbs please.

Price Varies Weekly

Please call for pricing or to place a large order!



We always have 5lb. bags of Individually Frozen Chicken Wings.

Fresh Wings are available by ordering 5-7 days ahead.



Koch Products Breaded Chicken Fingers

Available in 2lb or 5lb Bags, or 10 lb. case

Poultry AND MORE!

We also carry all of the Maple Syrup and Maple Syrup products that are made right here on the farm!

We carry a large assortment of Byler’s Jams, Jellies, Pickles and Relishes.

You can also find Kens Bleu Cheese, Wendel’s Chicken Wing Sauce, Wendel’s BBQ Sauce, Singer Farm’s Tart Cherry Juice, Fresh Brown Eggs, Local Honey

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